• What an IgnïtPlan™, Flexi-CRUT™ and a LEGA-C™ Planned Gift are! These are techniques not one out of a thousand planned giving advisors know about or use that can help your clients and charities (and you) in amazing ways no one’s ever told you!
  • THE BIGGEST MISTAKE 99% of advisors make when recommending certain charitable trusts that costs clients hundreds of thousands, even millions…in needless taxes! (Are you SURE you’re not making this mistake?)
  • How you can get up to an 80% deduction PLUS an income for LIFE for certain trusts very few advisors recommend ….simply because they aren’t aware it’s available, legal and can help clients, charities and YOU all end up with lots more money!
How To Use Planned Giving Secrets To
Get A Flood Of
High Net
Worth Clients!
* Very limited seating - only 500 spots available *

Thu., October 22nd

@ 2:00PM ET, 11:00AM PT

Only 500 Spots

Very limited webinar...

Lee Hoffman

Co-founder of EzCharitable

Randy Fox

Co-founder of EzCharitable
On this advanced planning webinar,
we're going to reveal Planned Giving secrets such as:
  • How to finally end the frustration and regret of not making the income you deserve!
  • How you can generate more in planning fees on just one or two cases than many advisors make in a year. Discover all the potential income from money management fees, life insurance, and annuities commissions you could earn if you're licensed to sell these services!
  • How you could become a much wealthier advisor, helping clients and charities…without violating or running afoul of any compliance rules!
  • The biggest opportunities with Planned Giving that a shocking number of charitable planning professionals regularly miss!
  • The most common mistakes advisors and attorneys make when designing Planned Giving strategies!
  • How to attract ultra-wealthy clients, without spending money on useless marketing, or wasting time embarrassing yourself “schmoozing and networking”!
  • Quickly and easily become the "Go-To" Charitable Planning expert everyone seeks out, including charities!
  • Why the concept of "Financial/Estate Planning" is often inadequate and costs your clients and your practice a ton of money... unless you transform how you offer/deliver these services!
  • Planned Giving alternatives very few professionals use, yet can blow away other strategies! (And make you an outstanding, new, higher level of income!)
  • How any advisor, no matter how you get paid, whether fees and/or commissions... can learn and utilize the REAL SECRETS OF PLANNED GIVING QUICKLY AND EASILY!
  • And more!

We are confident this FREE webinar will be the best use of your time you'll spend all year. Why are we so sure?

Because we've been leaders in charitable giving strategies, advice and assistance to financial advisors and attorneys since 1983. We are innovators of planned giving training, technology and techniques! For example,

  • Working with the IRS in 1983, we created the first planned giving software in the country, to assist planners in making decisions quickly
  • In 1990, we were the creators of the use of the commercial annuity as a CRUT investment in order to allow clients to control the distribution of their income to coincide with their needs! And this technique most advisors aren't aware of, still STANDS TODAY!
  • We created the Planned Giving Design Center in 1998 to provide advisors with the latest in planned giving thinking/solutions...and the law.
  • We've worked on over 350 family estate plans incorporating charitable planning for high net worth clients with estates exceeding $10,000,000 each.

(Note- This event is a cutting edge Planned Giving lesson, intended for both the beginner and experienced Planned Giving professionals!)

The information is FREE, so what have you got to lose by attending? The worst case scenario is you'll know more than you do today...having immediately useful and actionable information! Don't hate yourself for missing out on...what you may be missing out on.

No matter how much you know about Planned Giving, we have high-level material you can learn from us that will make big increases in your technical knowledge, practice development and personal satisfaction. (Information you won't get anywhere else!)

We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Lee Hoffman, Founder of PhilanthroTec, Planned Giving Design Center, LLC and EzCharitable, LLC
Randy Fox, Editor in Chief, Planned Giving Design Center, Founder of EzCharitable, LLC